Design Tokens Generator: Simplify your Branding

Simplify Your Branding: Generate Customized Tokens with an Easy-to-Use App

When it comes to branding, maintaining consistency is essential. From logos to color schemes, a unified brand identity can make your business stand out in a competitive market. However, ensuring brand consistency in web design can be challenging. That’s where the Design Tokens Generator comes in. With this easy-to-use app, you can create a customized set of design tokens to establish consistent branding across all your web projects.

Customizable Color Schemes

Colors play a vital role in branding. The Design Tokens Generator simplifies the process of creating a custom color scheme for your brand. With format options such as hex, rgb, and hsl, you can choose the most suitable format for your project. The app allows you to select a lead color, which generates complementary tone, shade, and tint colors. Additionally, each color set provides contrast colors to address accessibility concerns, ensuring that your brand colors are both visually appealing and functional.

Unique Tokens for Your Brand

The app enables you to generate a unique set of tokens tailored to your brand. This means you can create brand-specific tokens for typography, spacing, and shadows. With various options available, including line-height progression and icon-size factors, you can establish a consistent design language that sets your brand apart.

Easy Export Options

Once you’ve created your customized design tokens, the app offers effortless export options. You can easily copy all adjusted tokens to the clipboard or export them in CSS and SCSS formats. We are also planning to introduce export options for tokens studio and style dictionary formats (JSON). Moreover, the app allows you to disable sets of tokens for export if they are not required, ensuring clean and efficient exported code.

Save Time with a Streamlined Workflow

The Design Tokens Generator simplifies the web design workflow, saving you valuable time. By creating a set of customized design tokens, you can swiftly apply them to all your web projects, ensuring consistency and efficiency. The automatic save feature stores your changes, making them accessible on your next visit and allowing you to seamlessly continue where you left off.

Reset to Defaults or Customize Your Global Prefix

Flexibility and ease of use are core features of our app. Whether you want to start fresh or reset your design tokens to defaults, you can do so with just a few clicks. To ensure the uniqueness of your design tokens, you have the option to customize your global prefix, resulting in a set of tokens that truly reflects your brand.

The Design Tokens Generator is a powerful tool for creating a consistent design language that embodies your brand identity. With customizable color schemes, unique tokens, and easy export options, this app simplifies the web design process and saves you valuable time. Give it a try and witness how it can help you establish a cohesive brand identity across your web projects.