Design Tokens Generator: For Designers

Create Your Own Design Language with the Design Token Generator for Web Designers

Design tokens are a powerful tool for creating cohesive and consistent designs. They allow designers to define and organize design attributes such as color, typography, and spacing, making them easily reusable across different design projects. The Design Token Generator tool offers a user-friendly interface, empowering web designers to create and manage their own design tokens effortlessly.

Customizable Prefixes and Format Selection

Experience the flexibility of the Design Token Generator by customizing prefixes for each token set. For instance, you can rename the “color-primary” token to something like “c-main” for improved clarity. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose from various format options such as hex, rgb, and hsl, enabling you to select the format that aligns best with your preferences.

Lead Color and Contrast Colors

Elevate your color palette creation with the Design Token Generator. Select a lead color within each color set, and witness the generation of harmonious tone, shade, and tint colors. This streamlined process allows you to establish a cohesive color scheme effortlessly. Furthermore, the inclusion of contrast colors ensures that your designs remain accessible to all users, regardless of their visual capabilities.

Gamma Sets and Accent Colors

Unleash your creativity with the Design Token Generator’s gamma sets. By creating gradual shades of selected colors, you can produce unique and captivating color schemes that capture attention. Moreover, you have the ability to curate accent colors that perfectly complement your chosen color scheme, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your designs.

Typography and Spacing Tokens

The Design Token Generator caters to your typography and spacing needs with a wide range of options. Customize the progression for typography, whether it’s a minor third or perfect fourth, and set the base value for line-height using absolute or percentage units. Additionally, tailor the factor for icon size to ensure a seamless visual experience. For spacing tokens, you can easily choose the base value in either pixels or rem units.

Shadow Tokens and Transitions

Effortlessly enhance your designs with the Design Token Generator’s pre-generated shadow tokens. While they come with beautiful presets, you can also customize the dominant shadow color to align with your chosen color scheme. For transitions and animations, you have the freedom to select the desired progression for duration token sets, similar to font size and line height adjustments.

Export Options

The Design Token Generator tool offers an array of export options to seamlessly integrate your design tokens into your workflow. Copy all adjusted tokens to the clipboard or export them in CSS and SCSS formats for easy implementation. Additionally, we’re working on the option to export in Tokens Studio and Style Dictionary formats (JSON), providing compatibility with various design tools and systems.

In conclusion, the Design Token Generator empowers web designers to create and manage their own design tokens effortlessly. By offering customizable prefixes, format selection, and export options, this tool provides the flexibility and ease of use required to establish a consistent design language. Whether you’re developing a color palette, typography and spacing tokens, or shadow tokens and transitions, the Design Token Generator is your go-to solution for seamless design consistency.