Design Tokens Generator: For Design Systems

Design Tokens for Design Systems: Generate Customized Sets of Tokens

Design systems are becoming increasingly important in modern web design, and a key element of any design system is the set of design tokens. These tokens, which act as variables, define the visual style and behavior of a design system, encompassing colors, typography, spacing, and animation.

Creating a set of design tokens from scratch can be a daunting task. However, with the help of the Design Tokens Generator, you can effortlessly generate a customized set of tokens tailored to your specific design system requirements.

Customize Your Tokens with Ease

The Design Tokens Generator offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to create tokens that seamlessly align with your design system. Tailor the prefixes for each token set, choose from various color formats such as hex, rgb, and hsl, define a lead color to generate tone, shade, and tint variations, and ensure accessibility by selecting appropriate contrast colors.

Alongside customizing design tokens, you can easily disable unnecessary token sets and export all adjusted tokens in CSS or SCSS format. Soon, the App will also provide the option to export tokens in Tokens Studio and Style Dictionary formats (JSON), further enhancing flexibility in your workflow.

Create a Gamma Set of Colors

In addition to brand colors, Design Tokens Generator allows you to create a gamma set of colors with smooth transitions between shades of your selected color. This feature offers greater flexibility, enabling you to infuse visual interest and depth into your design system.

Typography and Spacing Tokens

The Design Tokens Generator empowers you to customize typography and spacing tokens with ease. Determine the progression of typography, such as minor third or perfect fourth, and define the base value for line-height in absolute or percentage units.

For spacing tokens, choose the base value in pixels or rems. This ensures consistent spacing throughout your design system, facilitating effortless adjustments as needed.

Shadow Tokens and Duration Tokens

To add depth and dimension to your designs, Design Tokens Generator provides a selection of pre-generated shadow tokens. Alternatively, you can opt for a dominant shadow color that aligns with your chosen color scheme. This feature ensures both consistency and flexibility within your design system.

Similarly, duration tokens offer control over transitions and animations. Similar to typography and line-height tokens, you can select a progression that maintains consistent timing throughout your designs, contributing to a polished and professional look.


Design tokens play a vital role in any design system, and the Design Tokens Generator simplifies the process of creating a customized set of tokens tailored to your needs. With its extensive customization options, support for multiple export formats, and the ability to create gamma sets of colors, it is a powerful tool for web designers seeking to establish a cohesive and professional design system.